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Notice that which you learn and teach. Notice the rhythm in the pattern of your own symptoms. Notice how your mind perceives Truth and your body interprets it. Behold the gift of the mockingbird or the dove.
—TD Huber, A Glance of Spirit


At a young age, Dr. Huber struggled with physical illness, resulting in a near-death experience. This was the beginning of his spiritual awakening and strong interest in healing. Since then, he has embraced a holistic view of healing involving body, mind and spirit. He has come to see health as part of the larger scheme of existence, involving biological, physiological, psychological and spiritual aspects. Dr. Huber assists clients integrate all aspects, particularly the intuitive realm.

In his career, he has coordinated integrative healing programs for people living with cancer and AIDS as well as a variety of other immune-related challenges. He has considerable experience with integrative medicine, energy medicine (with a specialization in homeopathy), herbs and supplements, bodywork, creative arts therapies, nutrition and exercise, as well as always staying current in conventional medical drugs and treatments. He honors multiple modalities in the healing process and is an advocate for honoring the merits of both conventional and integrative healing.

As a Health Coach, Dr. Huber can offer you both support and information, as well as ways to practice healthy behaviors. He is particularly helpful in assisting individuals and families navigate the medical system. Many benefit from his deeper inquiry into the existential aspects of illness and healing and ways to integrate these truths in daily life.

Having experienced most alternative and complementary therapies, this information comes first-hand. Dr. Huber has also trained in Transformational Bodywork, Reconnective Healing, Reiki, Holotropic Breathwork, homeopathy, aromatherapy, dream yoga and massage therapy.