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Lotus blossoms at your feet
Honey dripping from your tongue
Witness the Truth of the Lord
— TD Huber, A Glance of Spirit


Your subconscious mind has the answer. If you are confronted with a problem and you cannot see an immediate answer, assume that your subconscious has the solution and is waiting to reveal it to you.
— Brian Adams, How to Succeed

As a certified hypnotherapist, Dr. Huber has integrated relaxation, visualization, and hypnosis in his practice for over 20 years. He primarily uses trance as a therapeutic modality. This can be extremely helpful if you are working toward behavioral changes, such as:

* Improving mood
* Increasing health & vitality
* Being smoke free
* Improved sleep

* Weight loss
* Improved athletic performance
* Improving relationships
* Freedom from Phobias
…and many others…

Hypnotherapy can also allow you to travel deeper into the soul realm and look at issues and ideas perhaps inaccessible otherwise. Dr. Huber uses hypnosis as a modality to help effect positive change and to transform "into the bigger picture."

One particular form of hypnotherapy is Regression therapy—whether we travel back in this life to earlier moments—or further back to past lives. Dr. Huber prefers to travel into the soul realms in order to free one's ego issues and tap into the collective one—that which pertains to your birth contract—why you decided to come here now—in order to expand in this lifetime. He has extensive experience working with past lives and what they may teach us. He has witnessed many true healings with this modality and has been blessed to study with many gifted teachers over the years, including Brian Weiss, M.D., author of the best sellers: Many Lives, Many Masters; Through Time into Healing; Only Love is Real; The Messages from the Masters.