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The Ring
You saw the ring in a dream
It was your grandfather's—
Lost long before your birth
A memento that you know the truth
That which we will uncover
The real gem lies within
Move past the clouds
Know the beauty of your Ultimate self
— TD Huber, A Glance of Spirit

Dr. Timothy Huber is a Clinical Psychologist/Psychotherapist who specializes in integrative/energy medicine, grief and loss, and the spiritual realm. In particular, he specializes in working with people dealing with life-challenging illness or situations.

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With an orientation as a Transpersonal Psychologist, Dr. Huber’s developmental approach includes all stages of life and growth with a particular emphasis on spiritual development and awakening, or development beyond one’s ego. While ego development is very important, moving beyond the ego can access one’s greatness — or true, spiritual self. Dr. Huber’s aim is to work at the soul level where clients can reach their full potential.

Dr. Huber assists individuals with a variety of challenges. These include loss and relationship issues, gender and sexual orientation issues, and general psychological difficulties. He is especially concerned with wellness and healing issues. For these, he utilizes an integrative approach, particularly for cancer, AIDS, CFS, diabetes, and other immune-related challenges.

His approach varies with each client. He frequently assists others by teaching stress management, relaxation, visualization, and meditation as a basic foundation for transformation. His training as a Creative Arts Therapist (utilizing poetry, music, art, writing, and drama for greater change) has also proven helpful in assisting clients reach their deeper truths. Dr. Huber has also been trained in Transformational Body Work™, massage therapy, conscious breathwork, Reiki, and Feng Shui. He uses hypnosis for pain management and as a tool to access greater consciousness. Clients frequently choose dreamwork, regression therapy (including Past-Life therapy), and energy medicine techniques as therapies to help find meaning and understanding of life situations. Dr. Huber also leads ongoing groups such as Grief and Loss, Conscious Awakening, and Energy Medicine.